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Man gunned down in broad daylight

There was a murder just before five o’clock this evening in Hattieville Village, Belize District.  47-year-old, Clive Kevin Hyde, an employee at the Belize City Council was under the bus shed on the George Price Highway, along the stretch where the Hattieville Police Station sits.  Reporter, Courtney Menzies was at the scene shortly after and spoke with the Chairlady of the village who is also the victim’s sister.
Villiage Chairlady: “I was near the center with the kids practicing for the coming carnival when one of the kids came in running and told me that they were calling for me and told me that someone was just shot near the bus stop. When I got there I saw it was my brother down there. He was not a person who gave trouble and he would go and come from work and would barely talk to anybody but I think it was mistaken identity.”
Reporter: Can you tell us about him? What kind of person was he?
Villiage Chairlady: “He was provoking, idle, but he just liked running jokes.”
Reporter: Does it infuriate you that the police station was just a stone’s throw away from where it happened?
Villiage Chairlady: “Yes I believe the police could serve the community better because the police station is a stone’s throw away. If you hear a gunshot you’re not far away you could just jump in your vehicle and they would have seen who shot my brother and would have seen who was running because the culprits were on foot.”
Reporter: It was one person?
Villiage Chairlady: “I heard that it was two Hispanic persons. I don’t believe they are from Hattieville because everybody at Hattieville knows my brother and they know he is not a person who gives trouble so I don’t believe that they’re from Hattieville.”
According to the family members, they believe it was a case of mistaken identity.  Love News will keep following the story.