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Man with Hammer Goes Wild on Owners of Game Room

Assaults have occurred with guns, machetes and knives. Rarely do we hear of other tools being used in the commission of a crime. But in Independence Village, guns are not as accessible. The officer commanding CIB explained that three businessmen were assaulted by a man wielding a hammer.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “At about 10:30 PM Independence Police visited an area where they visited this Chinese game house namely Game Shop where they observed three of the proprietors suffering from several injuries to their bodies. They were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital and there after one was brought to Belize City. What we have gathered so far is that the three owners were inside of the game shop when two male persons entered the game shop… one of them was armed with a hammer and began to inflict injuries to the three persons inside of the game shop. There was no one else at the moment but only the three proprietors and an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen form the business.”

One of the businessmen is still receiving treatment for his injuries.