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Man hangs himself in police cell block; police does not suspect foul play

Police do not suspect foul play in the death of 56-year old Lindberg Anthony who is believed to have hung himself while in police custody over the weekend. Police say that Anthony was detained by police around seven o’clock on Saturday night in Crooked Tree Village and, a few hours later, he was found dead in the police station cell block. ASP Alejandro Cowo provided more information in this morning’s press briefing.

Asp Alejandro cowo Head C.I.B.: About 10:30 in the night Ladyville police were called to the Crooked Tree Police Substation where upon arrival the observed the motionless body of a male person hanging from the windows of the Substation cell block which is located inside of the same police station. The male person was known to be one Linburgh Anthony. He is a 56 year old mechanic of Crooked Tree Village, he was observed to be tied to the rickets of the window using parts of his clothing that he allegedly torn apart and that is what he used to hang himself. What police gathered is that Mr. Linburgh was out in the village socializing and apparently was disturbing other people that were in the area and as a result one of them called and complained about his behavior and as a result police detained him and took him to the station, that incident complaint came at about 7 in the night. He was the only person inside of the cell at the time, there was nobody else.

Reporter: How many police officers were in the station?

Asp Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B: There is one police officer that works at Crooked Tree Police Station.

Reporter: So what has your investigation reveal aside from what the officer has reported?

Asp Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B: Well that is part of the investigation we are really looking at, up now we do no suspect foul play, there is several checks that have been made by the police just prior to him being found hanging from the windows of the cell block.

Police have launched an internal investigation into the case. A post mortem examination is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday.