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Man hospitalized after early morning Sunday shooting

A Sunday morning shooting in Belize City left one man hospitalized. According to reports, Leston Meyers was walking with a companion about seven o’clock yesterday morning when he was shot by two male persons. Meyers is in a stable condition while one of the shooters is in police custody. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams gave details of the shooting.

Chester Williams: Mr. Meyers was walking in that area in the company of another male person when they were shot at by two male persons one of whom is already in our custody. He got shot on the body,  he is currently in the hospital in a stable condition. We believe that the other person whose company he was in was the intended target but that is the motive we have at the moment. The person is known to the police but I will not go into too much details in terms of saying who the person is but yes the person with whom he was with is known to the police.



Williams said the person in police custody is known to the police.


Chester Williams: Yes the person we have in custody is a new comer to these types of incidents and yes the other person who we are looking for is known to police of being involved in gang activities.


No weapon has been recovered as yet.