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Man in critical condition after road traffic collision

A man was knocked off his motorcycle on the Spanish Lookout Road Wednesday morning. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke the daughter Blackman Eddy resident Francisco Morales who was seriously injured.

FEM CRUZ: Love News understand that Morales was knocked down off his motorcycle while on his way to Spanish Lookout. Laura Moralez the daughter of Francisco Morales spoke to Love News at the Western Regional Hospital Emergency Ward in Belmopan.

Laura Moralez: “My dad was involved in a car accident on the Spanish Lookout Road. He was on his way to buy butane gas in Spanish Lookout and eye witnesses told us that a pickup truck hit him from behind and that the pickup truck was going at a very high speed. When my mom and I reached the scene he was already in the ambulance ready to be brought to the Hospital.

Fem Cruz: “Tell us his condition? “

Laura Moralez: “His conditions right now is very critical, he has his three ribs broken; his left rib is broken and one of them made a hole in his lungs and he has blood in it and he has a difficult time to breath on his own and he is under oxygen right now. We are asking the community to lift him up in prayers and his motorcycle was totally wrecked.

This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.