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Man killed in Accident – Love FM Belize

A Belize City resident who headed north for the three day weekend passed away in an incident in San Antonio Village, Orange Walk District.  On Saturday night Francisco Paquil was driving his vehicle when it hit the San Antonio Bridge and plunged into the Rio Hondo River. The case was mentioned this morning in the press brief.

ASP ALejandro Cowo: On Saturday 13th of October 2018 at about 11:30 PM acting upon  information received Orange Walk Police visited San Antonio Village at the main entrance of the village where the San Antonio bridge is located. Villagers informed the police that they heard a loud bang and when they came out to inquire what was happening they saw a vehicle submerging into the river. Police and civilians from the village went into the river and were able to take out a person that was inside of the river however by the time the man was pulled out he had already died. That male person was later identified as Francisco Paquil.”

Prior to the accident, Paquil drove past a police checkpoint but officers did not observe if anything was wrong with him.