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Man killed and thrown in river

In Cayo, police there discovered the lifeless body of 33 year old Isau Perez. The discovery was made at around 8:30 this morning when police were called out to a vicinity in the Banana Bank Resort. Perez, who is from Cotton Tree Village in the Cayo District, was found with stab wounds to the chest and throat.  Fem Cruz has additional details.

Fem Cruz, Love FM

“Belmopan police are investigating the murder of a 33 year old resident of Cotton Tree Village. Love News understands that sometime around 7am this morning a passenger that was travelling inside a bositos*  told Love News upon reaching the Roaring Creek Bridge near the police station he saw the body of a man floating inside the creek. The police were informed and immediately put a search team together where they combed the creek and river and found the body some three miles down the Belize Old River near Banana Bank. The body was seen with two stab wounds to the right side of the chest and neck. He was later identified as 33 year old Esau* Perez better known as Lunga; a resident of Cotton Tree Village. Love News spoke to John Carr who was the person that assisted the police in retrieving the body of Perez.”


John Carr:

“A body floated past Roaring Creek and the police knew about it and they were hunting for it and so I loaned them my boat to go up the river and search for the body and low and behold the river is high the current is fast and they found the body within a mile and they don’t know, they kind of suspect foul play but it’s too early to really say that but the police have done a good job and it’s been a privilege to help them a little bit at Banana Bank and well there was one thing that was identifiable and it seems as if the person had a missing arm not from this incident or something that maybe happened years ago and he had one arm and there were some other marks that didn’t look quite normal but the body had been in the water for a couple of days so it was a little hard to tell but I would imagine there was foul play involved but we’ll see. He had some kind of dark cargo pants and some very nice new blue and white tennis shoes and nothing on top.”

We understand that Perez was last seen in the Riviera Area of Belmopan. He was reportedly socializing with some friends at a bar. According to Belmopan’s Commanding Officer, Perez was murdered there and his body thrown into the creek.