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Man Kills Estranged Spouse and Her Worker in Western Belize

Families in Santa Elena Town were devastated as Miriam Elizabeth Mai was shot in a crime of passion while Daisy Miralda who was with Mai turned collateral damage and lost her life as well.  32- year-old, Andy Bustillos, Mai’s ex-common-law allegeldy murdered the two friends in Betty’s Salon on George Price Avenue in Santa Elenta Town, Cayo District. Bustillos killed Mai first when she refused a gift that he had just purchased for her. A witness that was in the salon escaped death when Bustillos aimed and fired the gun at her before pulling the gun on himself. She told us what happened that evening.


“Betty was blow drying a customer’s hair, they were sitting at the rear end of the store, I was sitting beside and we were just talking about Andy and I was telling her how I saw Andy at SMART and he was talking to me and afterwards I heard Andy call someone and say that if anything happens to him to make sure to collect his pay. Literally five minutes after that I got there and then my friend said he was just saying that because he saw me there and that he knew he would come to tell us. As we finished talking about him we saw him come in with a SMART bag and Betty said she didn’t want anything from him and he threw the bag on the ground, pulled out his gun shot Daisy ,came after me shot at me, pointed the gun in my face and shot at me but the gun jammed and afterwards I ran. He shot after my other friend that was there, he said the gun jammed as well and he ran out and then afterwards he said he ran out and stopped by the door and he ran out he saw him holding Betty and fired the shot and made her fall and then he shot himself. When he saw Betty fall and saw blood he then realized that the guy was not playing.He thought they were only blank shots because he missed the two of us back to back.”

The eyewitness said that before reaching the salon that evening she met Bustillos in a store.


“We as friends knew what was happening that is why she left him and got a restraining order against him and then she had already left him but he was always persistent because that morning he was calling her and she said that she was tired of him calling her. When he fired the shot at me and the gun jammed I ran for the back door and the salon is all the way up a hill so I tried to get away. In my mind I thought he was coming for me because he missed. I jumped through the barbed wire and rolled down the hill and that is how I got all the scratches on my arm.”


“So he knew you were friends with Betty?”


“Yeah he knew Betty and I were friends because as I got to SMART he asked me how Betty was doing and he was talking to me for a good while. When I heard that call I didn’t think of anything.”


“What did he say actually?”


“I heard him say that if anything happened to him to make sure they collect his pay but I don’t know who he called and I told those girls what I heard but they just laughed it off.”

Love News spoke to Officer in Command at the San Ignacio Police Station, Superintendent Richard Rosado who told us they have had previous encounters with the couple regarding a domestic violence report.


“Police visited Betty’s Salon where they saw three individuals suffering from gunshot wounds to the head namely Andy Busios a 31 year old Belizean Security Guard of Anchor Security Company, Miriam Mai a Belizean Cosmetologist and Daisy Miralda 29 year Belizean Cosmetologist. Our initial investigation revealed that Andy Busios visited Betty’s Beauty Salon with the intent to reconcile the relationship with his ex common law wife Ms.Miriam Mai but he was rejected in the presence of the customers that were at the Salon. As a result he took out a 9mm pistol that he had in his possession and fired a single shot to Miriam Mai’s head. Subsequently he shot Daisy Miralda in the head who at the time attempted to intervene during the commotion. Busios then put the gun to his head and fired a shot. All three individuals where transported to the San Ignacio Poly Clinic where Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda were pronounced dead on arrival. Busios was transported to the KHMH in a critical condition. The body of Mai and Miralda now await a post mortem examination. Guided by the evidential material available to us and based on that I believe the motive is domestic violence related and I say that because we have dealt with the couple in two separate incidents and recently Ms.Mai had decided to leave the relationship so approximately two weeks ago she moved out of the relationship. He took a gift for Ms.Mai in the hope that the relationship could be reconciled but Ms.Mai rejected.”

In an interview with Mai’s sister, Sandra Rodriguez, she explained that the entire situation could have been avoided.


“The thing we are mad about is the company, because he could have avoided this because everybody knew that he was threatening to kill my sister. The first incident where he beat her his own boss bailed her out. If he didn’t bail him out he would have gone to Hattieville plus the Monday when my sister was talking to him the Monday before she was killed my sister begged him (Busios’ boss) to move him from here and not to give him any firearms and he said that he would do it but he never did do it so that is why we’re mad because that could have been avoided if he did his job. If your worker is threatening somebody why will you give him a gun? She already spoke to him already to not give him a gun he was not worried about anything so that I what we’re mad at, he could have dealt with that.”

Bustillos remains in a critical condition at the hospital under police guard at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. Once Bustillos is released he will be charged with the murder of Mai and Miralda. The nine millimeter that was used in the shooting is property of Anchor Security where Bustillos was employed.