Man kills his girlfriend and brother; sister of murder victim speaks out

Man kills his girlfriend and brother; sister of murder victim speaks out

Tonight, there are more questions than answers surrounding a gruesome and disturbing double murder that has left two families shaken and clueless. This morning, police were called to a home on Scissortail Street in Ladyville where they found the dead bodies of fifty-year-old Deserie Gonzalez and twenty-five-year-old George Rochester. Vejea Alvarez was at the crime scene and filed the following report.

Tonight, Miguel Encalada is at the center of a gruesome double murder after he is suspected of killing his girlfriend and brother. This morning, the Ladyville man reportedly murdered fifty-year-old Deserie Gonzalez and twenty-five-year-old George Rochester and took a photo lying on their dead bodies. He then called over a relative, who stumbled onto the crime scene and ran to the Ladyville Police Station. Senior Superintendent of Police, Reymundo Reyes, says cops then arrived at the Scissors Tails Street home and detained Encalada who was found inside the home.

Reymundo Reyes, Senior Superintendent of Police: “Some time after 12pm information was received of a shooting incident at this address where police made checks and discovered the lifeless body of two individuals inside the house and as a result the investigators were called in with the scenes of crime to process the scene.”

Reporter:  What have investigators been able to establish so far ?

Reymundo Reyes, Senior Superintendent of Police: “At this present moment we know that we have the body of a male person with what appears to be head injuries as well as that of the female. The investigation is somewhat pretty young at this moment. We have one person in custody who we intend to interview as well as other relatives to try to establish what actually transpired or if they could assist ith the investigation.”

Police are yet to establish several key pieces of information. At this time, police are unable to say how the victims were killed and at what time. Our newsroom spoke to a relative who stated that Rochester was picked up from his home early this morning and was not heard from since then. The horrific ordeal has sent shockwaves throughout the community. Ladyville Chairman, Bernardo Bennett, grew up with Encalada and Gonzalez and says he never heard of the couple having any issues. 

Bernardo Bennett, Ladyville Chairman: “I know the family very well Miguel and Deserie and the young man George, I heard the three names involved. They own a business right behind us, Big Momma’s Restaurant and I come here a lot visiting them and they were productive they seemed very happy together running their business and living life. So this is definitely a shock to this community.”

Gonzalez was a mother of seven and Rochester was a father of one. According to relatives, Rochester may have been gunned down outside and later dragged into the home through a window while Gonzalez was bludgeoned to death. But what may have sparked such a brutal and cold-blooded murder? According to SSP Reyes, investigators are working to establish one.

Reymundo Reyes, Senior Superintendent of Police: “During the interviews we intend to discover what actually is the motive if we could establish that at the end of the day.”

Encalada and Gonzalez are both well-known figures in the village and one year ago the pair opened a restaurant and barber at their home. Bennett described both as hard-working individuals whom he never believed would be involved in such a tragedy.

Bernardo Bennett, Ladyville Chairman: “Ms.Deserie and Miguel all of us grew up in Ladyville. All of us grew up going to primary school and then to high school and so it’s unbelievable. She’s an outgoing, productive person. She is all into business and tried to prosper in life and you know like I said they are two persons who were really in their business wanting to make life and making life. People always come to their establishment to have fun and they seem jovial so something like this happened it’s still a shock. The Encalada and Ms.Deserie, the Rowland family all of us grew up in this village so all of us know each other very good from childhood growing up.”

Encalada previously lived a stone’s throw away with this wife, whom he parted ways with some three years ago. Relatives of the victims believe that Encalada may have staged the scene of the crime and painted a false narrative. However, Reyes says that investigators are hoping to interview him and get to the bottom of the horrific ordeal. 

Reymundo Reyes, Senior Superintendent of Police: “At this present moment he is in custody but we will go through the proper procedures to obtain an interview from him since we have him as a possible suspect for this incident.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News.

The family of Desiree Gonzalez took to social media tonight, explaining that the two victims were murdered in separate locations, and carried to the restaurant where the bodies were found. The sister explained on social media that there was no love triangle. She explained, quote, “his idiot of a man killed my sister while she was sleeping. My sister was murdered early this morning before daylight. He went to his brother’s house and got his brother out of his house 3:00 a.m. They went back to his house and I don’t know what altercation they had outside but he shot his brother outside of the business, opened a window and pulled his brother inside. He Then went inside and killed my sister in her room. He then pulled my sister outside and place her on top of his brother and made up a story that he caught them together.” End of quote.

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