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Man Knocked Down in Belmopan

A man was knocked off his bicycle on the Hummingbird Highway, just in front of the Agriculture Showgrounds. The rider was heading into Belmopan from Roaring Creek Village. Meanwhile the driver of the jeep, Francis Stevens spoke to our correspondent, Fem Cruz on how the incident unfolded.

Francis Stevens, Driver: “I was coming from Belize City and when we kind of reached in front of M&J Shopping Plaza there was a bicyclist, a dread guy I don’t know him he was off the road, he was outside the white lines and I saw him I was just passing him and as I got close to him he just swerved left. I believe he changed his mind and decided to go into M&Js and purchase something I guess and that’s when the accident happened. I was driving my Jeep coming into Belmopan going home.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Tell us his condition at the time when you came out.

Francis Stevens, Driver: “When I saw him last he had a cut on his forehead on the left side I think it was and he was still moving and everything. You know I hope he’s fine you know it was an accident. I really wish it didn’t happen but I just hope he’s okay.”

Reports reaching our newsroom a few minutes ago are that there was a fatal traffic incident on the Hummingbird Highway. Our newsroom understands that three persons were heading to Dangriga when the driver lost control of the vehicle. One person has reportedly died while the other two persons have been taken to the Western Regional Hospital.