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Man leaps to his death as he tries to escape harm in a traffic accident

A man is dead after he attempts to escape a traffic accident. It happened after three o’clock on Wednesday along the Hummingbird Highway in the Steadfast Village area in the Stann Creek District. Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch ACP Joseph Myvett provided details of the incident in the biweekly press briefing with the media.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “A vehicle being driven by Hue Wanton a 36 years Chinese businessman. The vehicle was a Cargo truck and it was south bound and according to Ton that when being interviewed whilst being southbound and approaching one of those narrow bridges a vehicle was coming from the opposite direction which had already been on the bridge travelling towards his direction and he applied breaks and the brakes failed. As a result his passenger one Jian Wu Yang 36 years of a Belmopan address who was the only passenger travelling along with him fearing for an imminent accident jumped from the moving vehicle and hit his head on the bridge and fell under the vehicle which eventually ran over him before still colliding into the oncoming vehicle. As a result he was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital where he died. The driver of that vehicle is detained pending this investigation.”

ACP Myvett says that the collision Jian Yan was attempting to escape was minor and no one else was injured.