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Man Lies Critical Following Traffic Incident

Two men received bodily injuries as a result of a road traffic accident that occurred on Friday night on the George Price Highway. The accident happened in the Village of Camalote in the Cayo District and it involved a motorcycle and a red pickup truck. One of the persons involved was forty two year old Marcelo Ernesto Vasquez, he was the passenger on the motorcycle. He is receiving treatment at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital and his wife, Maria Sanchez, spoke to Love News.


“At around 6:30 or 7:00 he said he was going to buy some groceries in Roaring Creek and he told me that he would not take long. When I heard a little while later that he was in an accident, that a vehicle had run into them and had  made them fall over and get hurt.  

Reporter: Do you know the driver of the other vehicle? Do you know if the driver of that vehicle stopped to render aid ?

“Well when we got there they had already moved them but the people know who the driver of the truck is.”

Reporter: Has he contacted you ?

“No but people were around there at the same time. My husband told me that he didn’t remember what happened. He went unconscious.”

Reporter: So how is he doing right now?

“Right now he’s doing okay.”

Reporter: What sort of injuries did he receive?

“He got injuries in his chest, face, and I think one of his lungs as well.”

Reporter: What are doctors saying in terms of his recovery?

“The doctors are saying that he’s doing well right now.”

Sanchez says she hopes to receive some sort of assistance from the driver of the pickup truck.