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Man Listened as His Neighbour was Slain

This weekend saw three murders and the discovery of a body in an abandoned well. We start off with the latest murder to be reported, the first recorded in the Belize Rural Eastern Division.  The incident occurred sometime around seven o’clock last night, less than a mile away from the Hattieville Police Station.  When Police arrived on the scene they found the body of forty one year old Cleon “Tush” Smith, who was a well-known gang associate of the Ghost Town Crips. Senior Superintendent Edward Broatser gave the details.


Smith was known to the police as a trouble maker back in the day but Superintendent Broaster says he thought that Smith had changed his life by becoming involved in sports in Hattieville.


Smith was sitting under a shack in a relative’s yard when he was approached by the gun man. Inspector Rochelle Chan, officer in command at the Hattiville Police station says the gun man or men may have entered through an abandoned lot behind the yard.


This morning when Love News reached the scene we were able to see Linval Mejia cutting the bushes behind his home. He was in the home that is located behind the shack where Smith was shot. He told us what he heard.


Police believes the murder was drug turf related but are following several leads in their investigation.