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Man loses an arm while socializing

One man was maimed while socializing in Saint Margaret’s Village, Cayo District. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz: “Based on a telephone call received Sunday morning of a chopping incident Love News visited the Western Regional Hospital General Ward in Belmopan and saw 42 year old Jose Ical Belizean farmer of St. Margarett Village with his left wrist amputated. According to Jose Ical on Saturday night he was socializing at Cynthia’s Bar in St. Margrett Village along with his friend Lionel Bustillos when sometime around 11:40 they decided to leave the area and go home and that is when the unfortunate happened.”

Jose Ical: “We are coming home and they came at the man, they attacked me but when I saw the man pull the machete…”

Fem Cruz: “So they attack your other friend?”

Jose Ical: Yes they attacked him because they had a problem between them two and the man passed close to me and threw the machete and it was right there he chopped my hand.

Fem Cruz:Chop it off?”

Jose Ical: Yes and he didn’t follow me when I ran. When I feel my hand hang up, I couldn’t do anything and I ran and they followed him. I ran and told the guy’s dad that they are killing his son and then he hurry gone check but lucky thing the man run and they didn’t really hurt him.”

Fem Cruz: “Did you know the persons?”

Jose Ical: No like I tell you that is the first time I came out there.”

Fem Cruz:So you just went to St. Margaret?”
Jose Ical: Yes I just gone work.”

Fem Cruz: “This is Brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.”

The police are looking for 3 suspects.