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Man loses eye in chopping incident

On Thursday, 25 year-old Arnulfo Munoz, a Guatemalan national, was driving Santander’s bus transporting workers from Santander Cane Factory to Armenia Village on the Hummingbird Highway. Munoz told police that a stranger asked to exit the bus. However, he instead of leaving peacefully, he chopped Munoz before exiting the bus. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crime Investigation Branch, provided the media with details of the incident.

Joseph Myvette – Head of National Crime Investigation Branch: “Police responded to an information in Armenia Village where thier investigation revealed that whilst the bus driver Arnulpho Munoz were transporting workers from Santander back to Armenia Village someone in the bus asked that he stop the bus and upon him doing so he saw someone walking towards him from the back of the bus whom he was not able to recognize who inflicted a chop wound to the right side of his face which caused him to have lose his right eye. Police have questioned several persons who were on the bus and this is an ongoing investigation.”

Police said that the incident was not a robbery attempt.