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Man loses his life after being shot to the abdomen

Forty-two year old, Daniel Alford, a resident of San Ignacio, lost his life Monday evening after receiving a gunshot wound to his abdomen, while on Pine Ridge Road in Georgeville Village. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett explained how the incident unfolded.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Initial Police investigation reveal that Mr. Alford was somewhere on the Pine Ridge Rd. behind George Ville village when he got shot. There are several conflicting information in relation this story. Statements were recorded from witnesses including several minors so this remains an ongoing investigation. There are several statements indicating though that he left home sometime shortly around 5 pm with a shotgun. There are also conflicting reports saying that he does not own a shotgun and did not leave with one however these things are in statements recorded from witnesses hence the reason it is being classified as a death investigation. The scene was visited by the Police where a 16 gauge shotgun was found however traces and our research have indicated so far that we have not been able to find that that gun is licensed to anyone so far.”

Alford’s post mortem was scheduled for today.