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Man loses toe in traffic accident

A traffic accident on Wednesday evening left 42 year old Bryan Vasquez and 23 year old Jose Rivera with injuries. Fem Cruz has the details.

Fem Cruz, Love FM

“Two persons are hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan following a two motorcycle collision. Love News understands 42 year old Brian Vasquez a special constable and a resident of San Ignacio Town was driving his black Yamaha motorcycle from Belmopan en route to his home. Upon reaching between mile 42 and 43 on the George Price Highway almost in front of the Camalote School a male person that was travelling in front of him in a red motorcycle for some reason suddenly swerved in front of him. As a result Vasquez collided into the side of the red motorcycle. The driver of the red motorcycle 23 year old Jose Rivera a resident of Tea Kettle Village fell on the pavement and sustained injuries to his head, hands and feet. Brian Vasquez spoke to Love News about the unfortunate incident.”

Brian Vasquez

“I left Belmopan heading to San Ignacio and as I reached the road is pretty wide I continued travelling and suddenly a motorcycle swerved hard in front of me sideways to cut straight across. I did everything I could to avoid it even screamed at the guy and thinking that he would eventually clear me as I was squeezing the brakes I ran into the side of him my bike landed on top of me and I ended up screaming for him to come and help me because I could not breath and it took five or six times and he was conscious and he came over and lifted the bike off me but I didn’t believe it. I pictured that he is coming sideways someone never does that especially on the highway and he was going up ahead of me on the far right for a short period of time and I don’t know what made him think he could just do that on the highway. Like I said I was screaming for him to stop but as he passed me I thought that maybe he would clear me but right when he almost cleared the bike didn’t stop fast enough and it clipped him and thank God I’m alive even though it was his fault I don’t wish him any bad. I don’t think he had on a helmet from what I could see but I had on mine.”


“Tell us the injuries you received.”

Brian Vasquez

“I lost a toe which is terrible, I bumped my knees, I hit on my face luckily I had on my helmet so it didn’t scrape too bad but I did lose a toe and potentially may lose another one if it doesn’t heal the way the doctor wants it to.”