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Man lured outside his room to be stabbed

A taxi-driver was stabbed just after one o’clock this morning after being lured out of his room by two women.  43-year-old, Stephen Leiva was inside his room on Douglas Jones Street in Belize City when he heard a knock on his door; upon making checks he saw two women; one of them known to him as Estrella.  According to police reports, Estrella asked him to use the bathroom and told him to meet her at the bathroom which is located down the corridor from his room.  Leiva proceeded to follow the woman to the bathroom while the other female waited in his room.  Upon reaching the bathroom door, a male person approached him from behind and cut him to the left arm, the right side of the neck and the right arm.  Motive is yet to be ascertained and investigators have not indicated whether anyone has been detained.  According to Leiva’s landlord, he had only been renting the room for about two months.