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Man murdered in broad daylight on Boxing Day

For one family, their Christmas celebration was shattered when they learnt of the death of their loved one. Daniel Hughes Sr. was shot and killed in broad daylight on Boxing Day in Belize City.  The father of ten met his demise whilst driving in his vehicle. Johnelle McKenzie tells us more in this report.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “Initial police investigation is that Mr.Humes was driving a green in color Ford Ranger pick up on Tibruce Street heading towards the riverside and whilst on Tibruce Street two male persons came out of an open yard and fired several shots at his direction whereby he sustained his injuries and damages to the vehicle. There were several expended shells found at the scene and also a .9 pistol loaded with a magazine containing eight live rounds of ammunition. What we suspect is that the ongoing rivalry at Tibruce Street between two families and we suspect that might be the cause of this incident that happened yesterday.”

Hughes, a fisherman of Aloe Vera Street leaves behind ten children.