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Man ordered to pay $9,610 for illegal Possession of Fish

Twenty-five-year Sarteneja fisherman Asveldo Flores, was fined a total of nine thousand six hundred and ten today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford after he pled guilty to possession of undersized conch and undersized lobster tails. At about 2:30 p.m. yesterday Police stopped a Chell passenger bus at a checkpoint on Phillip Goldson Highway. One of the officers asked who was the owner of three white pigtail buckets and Flores acknowledged that they belong to him. A search of the buckets resulted in the discovery of three hundred and fifty-three undersized conch and seven undersized lobster tails. Flores was handed over to a fisheries officer who weighed the conch and noted that each of them was less than three ounces. The fisheries officer also weighed the lobster tails and saw that each them weighed less than four ounces. Flores was fined three hundred dollars plus five dollars court cost for each offence. He was also fined twenty-five dollars for each conch and each lobster tail. For the conch, the amount was eight thousand eight hundred and twenty-five dollars and for the lobster tails, it was one hundred and seventy-five. In addition to that Flores owes the court one thousand five hundred and sixty-five dollars for a conviction of possession of conch during a closed season that he got in 2015. He was ordered to pay half of that outstanding fine before he would be able to leave.