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Man pleads guilty to robbery, sentenced to three months

Twenty-eight year old Rick Chambers, charged with the robbery of a touch screen cellular phone which has a value of three hundred and twenty five dollars, was sentenced to three months today by the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith after he pled guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Smith said she gave him the sentence because it was his first offence and the cellular phone was recovered and he saved the court time by pleading guilty. The complainant, construction worker Luis Montenegro, reported to the police that on September 3 he was walking on Albert Hoy Street and he was sending a text message when someone grabbed him from behind and told him to hand over his cellular phone. Montenegro said he feared for his life so gave the person his phone and the person rode away on a bicycle. Montenegro quickly reported the incident to the police and the Quick Response Team went into action and they saw a man riding a bicycle who fitted the description of the culprit. They apprehended the suspect and when they searched him they retrieved the phone.