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Man reportedly stabbed by his brother

42-year-old, Oliver Peters was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck, reportedly by his own brother.  The incident unfolded on Saturday night just after eight o’clock.  According to Peters’ niece, who lives next to him in an apartment building on Boots Crescent, she believes that Peters was set up by his daughter, step-daughter and brother, as all three of them were involved in an altercation earlier that night. A witness who saw the events unfold told us what transpired.
Voice of Witness: “He was drinking near the stairs and his daughter, step daughter and his brother came and they were just tantalizing him about personal affairs that were going on. He was trying to prevent what was happening, he was trying to walk away every time and then by the time he got up on the steps and turned his back that is when his brother stabbed him two times in his back. When his brother stabbed him he turned around chased his brother to the end of the veranda but his brother continued to run and he turned back and came back and that was when he said to us “You see what he did? He stabbed me and I didn’t do anything to him.” Then he grabbed his daughter, because his daughter was disrespecting him and telling him all kinds of hurtful things, and he grabbed her and started to choke her and beat her and his stepdaughter jumped in and that is when he grabbed his stepdaughter and let go his daughter and they were rumbling on the pavement until they fell on the ground. His daughter had a pint bottle in her hand and she was telling him that she didn’t want to hurt him. That is when his brother came and stabbed him from behind multiple times. His stepdaughter ran to the end near the end of the downstairs and he was just bleeding a lot and then he ran to the pavement and then ran inside the apartment. The young man from upstairs came to try to stop the bleeding and it wasn’t helping and he was just spitting up a lot of blood that is how another young man came and the same young man helped in a pick up and rushed him to the hospital. By the time they put him in the truck and rushed him that is when the police came. The police were called from when the altercation was beginning and they didn’t get here until they were already rushing him to the hospital.”
At today’s press briefing, police said that they have interviewed family members, and that they are confident that they will make an arrest soon.  Meanwhile, Peters remains on life support at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.