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Man Seeks Relatives in Belize

Last week Glen Smith came to our studios requesting help from the public to locate his estranged nephews and niece. Smith, who is originally from Jamaica, currently lives in the United States. He said his brother Exford Smith, who is now deceased, came to Belize more than 30 years ago. He met Teresa Young with whom he had three children. After the third child was born, Exford Smith immigrated to the United States. Exford died after an illness and now Glen is looking for his relatives.


He retells the story on how his brother lost touch with the family.


Glen Smith met his nephews and niece through pictures of when they were children.


Now those children are grown and Glen Smith estimates they would be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. He went to the Statistical Institute and they were able to provide him, along with the name of the children’s mother Teresa Young, an address of where the family lived when the last baby was born. That address is 10A Cut Avenue Belize City. Glen Smith is asking the public to help him find his nephews and niece so he can reunite them with his elderly mother. If you know any of the children or mother of the children, you can contact Shakira Taylor from 26 Regent Street at 624-9613.