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Man sentenced to 25 years for Murder

In November 2011, 45-year-old taxi driver Domiciano Quixchan was murdered. Today, the man charged with the crime, Hernan Manzanero was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. Quixchan’s body was found by police on a feeder road in San Antonio Village in the Cayo District. His body had stab wounds to the face and throat. Initially, Manzanero told Police that he, his wife and baby were in Quixchan’s taxi on their way to 7 miles village when they were stopped by two black men who boarded the car. He said one of the men ordered Quixchan through a feeder road and took out a knife demanding money. He said both he and Quixchan struggled with the men and he managed to escape with his wife and baby. A few days later, Manzanero’s story came crumbling down and he was charged with Quixchan’s murder.