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Man seriously injured in a hit and run incident

A young man is fighting for his life after being knocked down in Burrell Boom Village, near the bridge. 26-year-old Christian Charles was knocked down about five thirty on Sunday morning.  He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is listed in a critical condition. Love News visited the KHMH, where we spoke with Kareem Myette, a friend who told us about the incident.

Kareem Myvette – Friend of Victim: “It was a hit and run because a lot of his body is broken up and heavily damaged. Right now we just need blood, he is O+ so if anybody is a donor we just ask that you meet us here at 7:30AM to give us a little support.”

Reporter: How was the family alerted that he was in an accident?

Kareem Myvette – Friend of Victim:  “Well it was another friend of ours from Burrell Boom who responded to the scene after the initial guy, a gentleman from Double Head Cabbage he noticed the man on the road and he stopped to give assistance, and then another group of people stopped and I got a call and I got out of my bed and I just raced to the scene and it was very graphic. I don’t want to go into too many details but he was broken up pretty badly and we just tried to get him out of there that’s all.”

The family is asking the public to assist by donating 0 positive blood.  They can be reached at 636-4307 or 632-6815.