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Man shot by Customs Officer dies

30 year old Dwayne Almendarez who was shot by a customs officer in a stop and search in Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk has died of his injuries. According to police, Almendarez got into an altercation with customs officials and even after a warning shot had been fired, he attempted to assault one of the officers. That officer then shot Almendarez using his issued 9mm pistol. Almednarez was shot once to his chest, his stomach and leg. That is the police’s version. His family says they have been trying to understand what truly happened. With Almendarez’ passing, the family is currently  working on funeral arrangements, but when that is over with, they have every intention to keep pursuing the case. His sister, Paulette Gentle told Love News that over the weekend she again tried to speak with the police to get clarity.


Paulette Gentle, Sister of Decease:

“I also spoke with Corporal Reynoso who is the officer in charge of the case and he was explaining that he is presently gathering information and statements from persons who are willing to give statements and then after that he will submit his findings to the DPPs office . However I had asked him what is going on in terms of an arrest or anything in that regard but no arrest has been made up to today’s date I spoke with him again and he said no arrest had been made so we are still waiting I am still being patient because then we are waiting for the law to do its job. However the law seems to be dragging its feet or whatever the case is.

Gentle says that she was also able to speak with several persons who witnessed the incident unfold and after what she learned, she says the family is determined to see that justice is served.”


Paulette Gentle, Sister of Decease:

“We did get a better understanding of what happened and it’s clear that excessive force was used by the customs officer because then my brother was unarmed by all accounts that we have seen in regards to videos that were shared with us as well as what people were telling us so it is excessive force because he was shot in the chest and after being shot he ran into a house that was being built and the customs officer did not render any kind of assistance they drove off and that is not right because then how can you do that and then as a law man just leave that person there to die but it so happens that the police happened on the scene and that is when they went in and they took my brother to the hospital and then he was able to get the treatment he needed at that time so there is no way that my family or myself will ever leave this. We need to ensure that the law takes its course and what needs to be done in regards to charges or whatever the case is against this customs officer.”

In the police press briefing today, the department did not offer any update into the investigations of the case.