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Man Shot in Belize City

A man was shot last night in Belize City. The victim has been identified as 29-year-old Evan Cain of Biscayne Village. Cain was on Jasmine Street when he was targeted. He is listed in a critical but stable condition at the KHMH. Love News spoke to a resident of the area who heard the single gunshot. 

Eye Witness, Jasmine St. Resident: “Suddenly we heard a loud bang and I, I got up and I told her, I said, it sounds like dynamite but it also sounds like a gunshot. So, I looked through the window and I saw no one from the position I was in but then my son was, my wife was sitting right here in the office and my son came out and he said “Dad, somebody got shot” and then we went out to see if it was dynamite or gunshot but that’s when we saw the young man. I was wondering where he got shot but, you know, he had on his clothes, his shirt. But, he was bleeding both from the front and from the back. Thereafter, several people from the neighbourhood came by to see if they could assist and not too long after, whilst talking to him, about five minutes the most, the police came. They picked him up and they took him.”