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Man sought in death of friend surrenders to Police

Cecil Gill, accused of killing his friend, thirty one year old Phillip Michael Samuels on Monday night has handed himself in to police. Today, Senior Superintendent of Police Marco Vidal, Commander of the Eastern Division South told the media that they expect to charge Gill soon.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, EDS
“We have the prime suspect in detention. He handed in himself at 12:30 this morning voluntarily so at present the investigation continues. We’re putting together the relevant interviews, statements and so we expect that by tomorrow following the directives of the DPP, we have to submit the file for the DPP’sconsideration and once the directives are given we expect that by tomorrow we should have charges laid.”
“ Is this what you all might consider a strong case because of the familiarity of the suspect with those he was socializing with when the crime occurred?”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, EDS
“That is correct. Pretty much as you said, the witnesses are people that were immediate and are familiar with both the victim and the suspect so we believe we pretty much have a good case here.”

Gill is the prime suspect in the Samuels’ murder. Samuels was with some friends at apartment number five on Boots Crescent in Belize City. They were having some drinks when Gill, who eyewitnesses say was Samuels’ friend, allegedly hit a woman. That led to a fight between Samuels and Gill and the latter stabbed Samuels to the chest. Police believe he stabbed Samuels with an eleven inch knife which was recovered from the scene.