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Man Stabbed to Death in Rural Belize

A resident of Belize City was murdered in rural Belize over the weekend. On Friday night, thirty-eight-year-old Jason Andrewin was found dead by police on a dirt road in Lord’s Bank Village. According to reports, it was just before eight o’clock on Friday night when residents nearby heard someone screaming. Police were alerted and upon making checks near Serosi Road they found Andrewin’s body, which had several stab wounds. The incident is the second stabbing in under three weeks in the area and according to ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, the police may have a possible serial killer on their hands.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Office, Belize Police Department: “To be very honest with you we are looking at that angle. It was like two or three weeks ago indeed and we are hoping that our efforts that we have stepped up with our patrols could maybe lead to a detention or maybe persons in that area could remember they saw something before this incident occurred that might be very helpful to us. I know that the investigators made an attempt by sending out a photo not approved by me but we will get a vivid description and see how we can facilitate the public better.”

Andrewin’s family declined to comment but said that he leaves behind one child.