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Man walks from murder charge

34-year-old Brandon Baptist was  acquitted of another murder charge. Baptist along with brothers, John and Sheldon Grinage were charged jointly with the murder of Stann Creek resident, 32-year-old Mariano Castillo who was allegedly stabbed to death. Today at the Case Management Conference, CMC, Baptist and John Grinage were represented by attorney, Oscar Selgado while John Grinage was represented by Attorney, Sharmaine McKoy-Gillett. The incident occurred on February 1, 2016, Castillo was hanging out with his girlfriend, Kamisha Roches on Police Street when her ex-boyfriend, John Grinage showed up and threatened to kill Castillo. Castillo and Roches decided to go home but Grinage along with his brother, Sheldon Grinage and friend, Brandon Baptist stopped them on their way home. Reports are that the men attacked and stabbed Castillo in the stomach. Justice Colin Williams in his ruling said that Baptist had to have prior knowledge that the brothers had intention of harming Castillo. Baptist was also acquitted of the 2012 murder of ex-Belize Defence Force soldier James Noralez. John and Sheldon Grinage remain on remand at the Belize Central Prison as they await trial for murder of Castillo. Their case was adjourned to September 24, 2019.