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Man walked from Rape Charges

Six counts, 3 for rape and 3 for wounding, against 25-year old Eric “Gato” Guitierrez, were dismissed today by Justice Adolph Lucas when the complainants, three women, failed to appear. The women were first summoned to appear in court on October 2 and they did not do so. They were summoned again to come to court and when they did not show up today Justice Lucas said he was satisfied that they are not interested, so he dismissed the charges. The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on September 6, 2013, in San Pedro Town. One of the women, who was 25 years old at the time, gave a statement to police that she left her apartment to go and buy and when she was returning home she was accosted by Guitierrez who followed her to her apartment. She said Guitierrez had a knife and she struggled with him and during the struggle, the knife got away from him. She said she ran for help to an apartment in the same building where two of her friends were and while at the door Guitierrez caught up with her. She said Guitierrez this time was armed with a screwdriver. She said when her friends opened the door Guitierrez followed her inside and ordered her to hand over the money from the bar because she is the bartender. She said he threatened to kill her. She said he then ordered them to get naked and after they complied he raped them. She said he stabbed all three of them with the screwdriver. She said that one point she wanted to hit on his head with a bottle but her friends advised her not to do it. She said that Guitierrez, who seemed to have been under the influence of some drug, became normal and offered to get some water for one of the women who had fainted. She said that during the time he left they went and got help from a man who lives in the front room. When Guitierrez returned with the water the man told him to leave and he left. It was then they called the police. Although the charges against Guitierrez were dismissed he was not freed because he is serving a sentence of five years for burglary. Guitierrez was not represented by an attorney. Crown Counsel Sheringe Rodriguez represented the Crown.