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Man wanted by Police for Murder

Twenty-six-year-old Rasheed Hyde is wanted by police in connection with the attempted murder of 24-year-old Russell Hyde Jr. Rasheed is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you have any information that can lead police to his arrest you are asked to call 911, Crime Stoppers Belize 0-800-922-8477 or the nearest police station. Rasheed, a taxi driver from San Ignacio Town, is being accused of shooting Russell on December 4. Today, ASP Alejandro Cowo briefed the media.

“Police interviewed several persons and were able to get some information and as a result, they had issued a wanted name person by the name of Rasheed Hyde; we understand that he is a family member to Russel Hyde Jr.; so at this moment police is presently looking for him. That might be a person that can help us with this investigation.”

Russell was at meat shop on George Price Avenue when a man came out of the darkness, blasting several shots in his direction.