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Management Council Wants PSU President Gone

A letter dated May 6, 2017 was sent to the President of the Public Service Union, Eldred Neal accusing him of being racist and plotting to rid of members who are of the Garifuna ethnic group.  The letter bears nine signatures of members of the Council of Management for the PSU including Herman Pastor Jr, the 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President, Kenneth Mortis.  The letter goes on to get even more serious as these members are demanding his resignation and putting it to him that he should desist from seeking re-election at the upcoming AGM.  If Neal fails to adhere to these demands, the letter goes on to say, quote, “Please note that your failure to honor this request will result in appropriate action been taken at the appropriate time.”  End of quote.   The letter says, quote, “We are now in receipt of information which not only confirms the veracity of such statements but establishes that indeed you are engineering a plan to replace executive members of the council on the basis of their racial background.  We regard these matters as extremely serious and deeply disconcerting.  You are aware that many of our Garifuna brothers and sisters voted in your favour at the time of your election to the presidency of the PSU.  You will therefore understand the deep sense of betrayal that is felt as a result of your statements and actions.  The last thing we would expect is that a leader of the PSU would fan the flames of racial discord and intolerance.  This does not bode well for the union movement which speaks to the unification of all workers.”  End of quote.