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Manager and Customers of Premium Wines and Spirits held at gun point

Everald Sambula (VO STARTS) was charged with three counts of robbery when he appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner.  Police believe Banner is one of three men involved in robbing Premium Wines and Spirits located on Newton Barracks.  Around ten thirty, last Friday forty-nine year old, Maria Price, the Manager of the establishment reported to police that they along with a few of their customers had just been robbed and held at gun point by three armed assailants. ASP. Alejandro Cowo explains.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “During the robbery one of the male persons pointed the firearm at the customer and the persons working and they went away with three cell phones and a total of $57,000 worth in cash or Belize dollars. It was $6,300 U.S. and $41,200 in Belize money and the total value of the phones was about $2800 making it a total of $57,000.”

He also explained how the men entered the establishment and why the business was in possession of the large amount of cash.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: What happened is that a customer was just about to enter the business when the three persons ran behind the customer. As soon as the door opened they bulged into the building. What we understand is that that amount of money was sales from the weekend that they had done in the districts and the money had just been brought to the main office which is located there and they were about to do the deposits of the weeknd sales.”

Police say there are no indications that it was an inside job and no property or money has since been returned. As investigations are ongoing, two other suspects are being sought by the police.