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Manager frustrated with repeated store burglary

A store was burglarized sometime last night in Roaring Creek Village. Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz

“The Leons family, Manager and Owner of Leons Vegetable Shop located in front of UNO Gas Station in the village of Roaring Creek are appealing to you the public for information that can help them recover a number of their items that were stolen sometime last night. Aurelia Leons, the manager, explained how you can be of help in recovering these items.”

Aurelia Leons, Manager

“Yesterday evening, I left my shop around six and when my worker arrived this morning at seven o’clock he started noticing several items missing like my scale was missing and then things from the shelf, basic items like Maggie soup, coconut powder. Etc. Then our customers started coming in and they were asking for vegetables; that is when we realized the stock that we bought yesterday evening is missing, everything. Some of the shelves are clean, the crate of bananas and tomatoes were gone. Some carvings that we had on display were gone. It’s hard.”

Fem: “Ma’am this is the first, second, third time?”

Aurelia Leons:

“This is the third time this has happened to us. It is not nice. I would tell them not to buy because they know that these items are stolen because whoever is selling it is not a vendor. It will affect them afterwards because we are tired of this. I don’t know if I should continue anymore with the business and it will affect whoever is buying this because the service will no longer be here.”

If you have any information that can lead police to the culprits or assist the owners recover the stolen items you are asked to call 625-9307, 802-0402, 802-2221 or the nearest police station.