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Manatee killed on World Oceans Day

As Belize joined the world in celebrating World Oceans Day, environmentalist here are upset that a manatee washed up on shore in Belize City. Manatee Research Associate at Sea to Shore Alliance, Jamal Galves confirmed that the ‘young juvenile fell victim to boat collision’. Galves expressed his unhappiness with the matter and so did Janelle Chanona, Vice President of Oceana Belize.

Janelle Chanona, Vice President of Oceana Belize: “It is tragic that on World Ocean’s Day when everybody is trying to feel good you know; just around noon we got another alert that another Juvenile Manatee has washed ashore. It’s really Courtney I think and Polo it’s really important for people to realize that given how long it takes for these creatures to continue their species that we really need to assess what we are doing and obviously what we are doing needs to change. We need to do something different so that we can get a different result and we need to realize if we don’t really put all in on this we could be looking at possibly losing Manatee’s as a species, that should give me cold seed every day and twice on Sunday. We really need to make sure that for creatures that can’t speak up for themselves, I mean it is really important, this why people are coming here, the enjoyment. I am sure anybody that has been walking along any sea wall in this country get so excited seeing Dolphins, Manatees, and Turtles. Whatever it is but really going beyond that and saying we have to look at what measures we can put in place to do better by these Manatees because both strikes and propeller death is really unacceptable and at this point we are watching this as witnesses and I know everybody got upset when we lost the sub species of the White Rhino and we could be looking at something right here in our own front yard so we really need to all get on board helping to save the Manatees because that’s where it is.”

Also found this afternoon was a crocodile in the canal that runs along Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. The croc seem unhurt and we understand that authorities were called to relocate the animal.