Manhunt Ends in Fatal Shootout: Alleged Murderer Shot Dead

Manhunt Ends in Fatal Shootout: Alleged Murderer Shot Dead

While Cruz Castillo was fatally shot by police after allegedly murdering Shane Baizar and fleeing rural Belize, the career criminal was being sought by police for several crimes. Police say Baizar’s vehicle was found only two houses away from where Cruz was hiding in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District.  Love News understands that he was recently released from prison, but was already wanted for several crimes including the disappearance of Corozal cab driver, Theodore Pacheco. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says Cruz was a threat to society and explained that he was on the run from police. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “To give a history of Cruz Castillo he recently got off a murder charge where the matter was nolle prosed due to the fact that the witness did not appear in court. He was charged for the murder of an immigration employee and following that matter he was also the prime suspect in the disappearance of the taxi man from Corozal Town. He was also wanted for a rape in San Ignacio where he raped a woman. He was wanted likewise for an aggravated assault in the Bermudan Landing area where he shot at somebody. He was also wanted for a burglary in Bermudan Landing where he broke into a house and stole a hammock and some other items and he was also wanted for shooting  at the police, shooting at the police on the Boom road on a pursuit and then again now for the murder of Mr.Shane Baeza. So Mr.Castillo has been extremely busy countrywide moving around committing crime. Like you rightly said the individual does have a very violent history and more so one which has no regard to law and order. The police officers knowing the history of him are not going to wait for him to shoot at them. The fact that he took out a weapon and was about to shoot was sufficient for the officers to have acted in self defense and so we will still put the file together, we’ll do the investigation and we’re going to send the file to the DPP and she’s going to make the determination as to whether the police officer’s actions were justified.”

A resident of Cotton Tree Village says he heard the gunshots and later learned it was Cruz who was killed. He says that while he wasn’t a close friend of the alleged murderer, he knew him as an easy-going person. 

Resident: “Well I was right at home cracked back sitting down on a chair and I heard a couple shots fired, multiple shots fired and we saw the police shoot down the lane and when the police came here we were just there watching and we saw it on the news that they killed Cruz.”

Reporter: So did you know Cruz ? 

Resident:  “I know the man a little , I saw the man around and thing and cool and thing you know ?”

Reporter: So what type of person was he since you kind of knew him ? I guess he’s from the village too ? 

Resident:  “Yeah I mean the man is straight and thing. The man is cool and thing. The man is straight and thing with us and what not. We used to talk to the man and just chillax with the man, drink up and thing. I don’t know what made this happen. I don’t know what played out.”

Reporter: So what went through your mind when you heard that he got into a shootout with police and police ended up killing him ? 

Resident:  “I can’t say much about that. I just don’t really know what’s going on with that and thing but yeah the man was blessed and thing.”

Reporter: They said he broke into the Children’s home ?

Resident:  “Yeah that’s what I heard the man broke into the Children’s home and thing but I never got to meet the man, I met the man big man and thing.

Cruz was also wanted for the theft of cattle in Ladyville Village.

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