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Manifesto Review: Barrow Promises Passing of Legislation for Added Transparency

The house to house campaigns are done and the erection of billboards, posters and flags have all come to a halt as Belize has now added a milestone in its history books with Dean Barrow as the first Prime Minister elected for three consecutive terms and with the United Democratic Party adding a three peat victory to their resume.  Often times, once elections are done and a new Government is in place, we sit back and watch how things unfold from there.  Today, however, we take a look at the UDP’s Manifesto and what residents of Belize can anticipate in the years to come.  The 22-page document speaks on various sectors and presents a 44-point list of things the Barrow administration plans to carry out in their third term.  The official launch of the UDP Manifesto was done on Wednesday, October 21 and we bring back the presentation made by the Prime Minister on the way forward upon their re-election.  One of the main platforms that Barrow spoke of during his presentation was that of transparency and how he plans to ensure that the Government spending can be seen and that every person gets a fair chance to bid on tenders for the Government.


“So that people can be certain that their money is being spent wisely, productively and honestly, transparency must be taken to a new level in this next term. We’re going to pass a Public Procurement Bill; a legislation which will become a Public Procurement Act. What this will do is to set out very clearly, the principles that must guide how government procures goods, works and services. These principles must guide not just the politicians but the public officials and must be there in order to act as a bench marking sort of document, sort of vehicle, sort of instrument, sort of facility. So what the Act will do, what the legislation will do, will be to facilitate the standardization of procurement practices across all procuring entities. When government monies are being spent and government contracts are being awarded, every citizen has a fair shot on the basis of merit of getting a chance to win bids.  So what we are talking about is no less than a comprehensive blueprint for better public procurement practices on the basis of the international models.”