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Manifesto Review: Education and Technology to Be Integrated in Classrooms

Interestingly, on October 21 when Faber did his presentation on the future of education in Belize, he spoke of incorporating technology in the classroom.  Just yesterday, he was given an addition to his portfolio, namely Science and Technology Education.


“We want to be integrating technology as well as a learning tool and Information and Communication Technology; ICT offers ever expanding opportunities to improve the effectiveness of classroom instruction to access online education and to prepare students to participate in technology based service industries. Additionally, ICTs can help teachers and students in rural areas to overcome the limitations of distance. The UDP towards this end then will expand the use of this technology in education and will augment teacher training to build the education sector’s capacity to integrate technology. The UDP will also increase the number of computers available to students and teachers which will facilitate the use of E-textbooks and provide access to the vast knowledge and educational resources available via the internet.”

Faber also mentioned that monies have already been allocated to upgrade all computer laboratories in schools across the country.  He also made mention of the expansion of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, headed by Dianne Finnegan.  In our Wednesday’s newscast we will look further into the plans presented in the UDP Manifesto and what can be expected for the country.