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Manifesto Review: Faber Commits to Continuing Education, Technology, Childhood Development

Another area that the Barrow administration has great plans in is education.  Patrick Faber has remained as the person at the helm of the education sector and we will take you back again to his presentation done on October 21 for the UDP Manifesto Launch.


“To sustain and surpass the gains we have made in delivering quality education and training for all, in the next UDP term we will focus on four cross cutting themes: improving access, quality education in schools and at home, integrating technology as a tool for learning and education for employment. The UDP will focus on integrating early childhood development services across education, health and human sectors for children from zero to three. We must start from when they are born. The UDP will implement a comprehensive nutrition in schools program. In order to improve access, your United Democratic Party will construct a minimum of thirty five new schools as you heard me announce in the House of Representatives. The UDP will make education affordable by eliminating in some cases or reducing fees for those with financial needs especially at the high school level. We will open more adult continuing education programs, not that we haven’t already done it. The only district I believe where we don’t have an adult and continuing education program that is active is in the Orange Walk District and we’re working on that to come to Orange Walk Technical very very shortly.”