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Manifesto Review: Sports and Infrastructure

Tonight we continue with our recapping of the UDP Manifesto Promises made on October 21 at the party’s Secretariat on Youth for the Future Drive.  Yesterday we brought you the commitments made in the financial sector with the objective of managing the country’s debt and borrowing as well as giving the local business persons a fair chance at submitting bids for Government tenders.  We also told you of the promises in education as were presented by Patrick Faber with the announcement of incorporating technology in the classrooms and improving the qualifications and performance of the teachers.  Faber also made a presentation on the commitments for sports.


“Over $60 million dollars of course you know has been invested countrywide to upgrade and construct sporting and multipurpose facilities. If the one in your municipality is not there yet it is coming, the money has been designated. The contracts have been signed and we are moving forward. Of course you know we will also construct the new Belize Civic Centre and it will be the premier sporting facility and also entertainment facility and it will enhance the nationwide network of sports centers currently being developed. There is a new strategic plan for sports as well that has recently been signed onto and I encourage all to get a hold of it so that we can get into the details that we intend to promote our sporting disciplines from very early because we need to promote our young people into sporting so that they can mature into being great athletes for our little Belize.”

Faber also spoke on the expansion of the Youth Apprenticeship Program to other districts.  Also making a presentation at the UDP Manifesto Launch was Walter Garbutt, who lost the Stann Creek West division by eight votes.  Garbutt spoke on the plans in infrastructure under the UDP’s third term.


Tune in tomorrow as we continue our review of what the Barrow administration has committed to do in this historic third term.