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Manifesto Review: Teachers Will Be Pushed to Raise Their Standards

Prior to the General Elections, Minister Faber did state that the Government of Belize has allocated seventy million dollars for the construction of new schools.  As it relates to the development of teachers in the school, Minister Faber says the education and training of teachers in an effort to get them to a certain level.


“We will continue to strengthen our teacher education programs and we will include with that of course, those continuous professional development programs that are offered by the Ministry of Education in the summer but we will try to find other means of developing our teachers professionally as well and we will ensure that graduates of teacher training programs meet standards as measured by the Belize Teacher Proficiency License Exam. We have some teachers who have paper and no substance and so we have to make sure they are at a certain level. We love our teachers, we want to see them to be at their best and we want them to be delivering the best for our children across this country.”