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Manuel Pacheco charged with the murder of Jose Villanueva

This morning 56-year-old Manuel Pacheco appeared with his attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer where he was arraigned for the murder of Jose Villanueva.  The Chief Magistrate did not take a plea from him since the matter is indictable.  After the arraignment, Bradley spoke to the media about the case.

Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley: Police are saying that; I will read for you what they are saying: surveillance footage was viewed and obtained which is matching anything. It doesn’t say that on the surveillance camera information is enough for us to have brought a charge. They say that they have recorded a statement from an eye witness but my information from the family, from family members, from eye witnesses on behalf of Mr. Pacheco who has not even been approached for a statement. Other than that the Police are merely saying as they are required to say that Mr. Villanueva and our sympathies goes out to his family received abut three or four injuries to his arm and to his abdomen and to his side so there was more than one shot fired in relation to the matter but nothing much is being said in terms of the Police report.

Reporter: I know at this particular stage Attorney loathes to get into particular details but the family of the victim has asserted strongly that they don’t believe in any way that Mr. Villanueva threatened Mr. Pacheco’s life for him to have resorted to the use of his licensed firearm. Do you care to make any responding comments?

Yes I will say that fortunately in our justice system the facts will be brought to court and we will get an opportunity to hear what exactly transpired as best we can from witnesses from both side but certainly here where the charge of murder is a bit excessive due to the circumstances but maybe charged for man slaughter and time with bail but time will tell.

The unfortunate incident unfolded at Villanueva’s residence on East Collet Canal in Belize City last Thursday evening.  It is alleged that Villanueva and Pacheco got into an argument, which led to Pacheco pulling out his licensed firearm, firing several shots at Villanueva.  Villanueva was wounded to the left arm, right upper arm, and left side. Pacheco’s case was adjourned to August 9.