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How many Belizean students pass CSEC?

Reports coming out of the Caribbean are that as many as eleven thousand students across the region who sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) failed.  Love News was made to understand that Belizean students who sat the exam already received their results. We had contacted the CXC Registrar for a summary of Belize’s performance but she told us they are still in the process of compiling the results. Today, the media asked Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber to comment on the results.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education: ” We continue to have an issue with that and what we are looking at now is whether our own internal policies here in Belize are contributing to that. You know that the Government has taken on paying for up to 6 CSEC examinations for students and of course there is the possibility that because students are not paying for these out of their own pockets as they had to do in previous years that around that time you know they are graduating; it’s the end of their highschool journey so to speak that they decide that they are not going to show up and so we are looking at ways of making sure that students and their parents are accountable when it is that the Government makes that kind of investment but long before that was the case the government was making these payments. We saw  situations where students even when they were paying on their own did not turn up for exams and that is unfortunate and that is just but one situation. We have a much larger problem where students in general are not even signing up for the exams and if it were that they had to have some access to furthering their educations without those exams and we saw where that was happening. It would not be a problem but the way it works here in Belize is that those CSEC passes are required for further studies here in Belize at least and also where those students don’t get an opportunity to go on to higher studies that is what the working community, the labor, those who provide jobs in this country look towards.” 

Sometime ago, a CXC representative had urged businesses not to base their hiring of employees solely on their CSEC passes.