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Marage Road Shooting Leaves Woman Traumatized

The second shooting occurred on Marage Road in Ladyville. It occurred at the home of forty six year old Cynthia Lozano at around 2:50 on Saturday morning Lozano told Police she heard someone at the door and minutes later she heard several gunshots. Inspector Juanito Cocom Officer in Command of Ladyville Precinct gave the media details.


“Police visited Mirage Road Ladyville where one Cynthia Lozano, a 43 year old Belizean business woman of that address reported that she was at home when she heard what sounded like someone kicking her door and thereafter she heard three gunshots. Police upon arriving to the scene observed three apparent bullet holes in the front of her residence, one to the wall and one to the kitchen cabinet. The scene was processed whereby three expended 9mm shells and three slugs were recovered. The complainant says at this time that she has no suspect and an investigation is on.”

Less than a month ago there were two murders that occurred on the same street that Lozano resides, that of Rene ‘Fat Cat’ Chavarria and Merkel Pitts.