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March is Child Stimulation Month

Last Friday, the month of March kicked off with a children’s rally in celebration of child stimulation month, celebrated under the theme, “Hug me, listen to me, read with me, help me grow”. Love News spoke with Nadera Ross, Early Childhood Education Officer, at Quality Assurance and Development Services, QADS, who said that during the month the main focus is on the preschoolers.

Nadera Ross Early Childhood Education Officer QADS: “Preschool is the foundation and once a solid foundation is laid then a transition from pre to primary and throughout the rest of their educational journey will be one that is very easy going and it will be something that once that foundation is laid will encourage lifelong learning for our little ones. What we want to encourage is that when parents want to engage using technology just don’t leave the child with the tablet or the phone but rather engage, take that opportunity to play and have that communication with the child so I can have a tablet but the parent will be engaging. We have a fun filled month with activities: we have our national Story Telling Competition on the 7th of March, this Thursday coming, where our preschool teachers will be showcasing their talent in telling their stories, how they would relate that story in their classroom. And then we have the National Expo that will be held on the 25th of March. That same week the 25th to the 29th we will be having district level expos where each district will have their expo on a particular date.”

Child stimulation month has been observed since 1983.