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Mariannie Cadle speaks about her son’s recovery

In July, Grayson Cadle suffered burns to over seventy percent of his body in an explosion at his apartment on Mahogany Street in Belize. With the support of the Burn Victims Fund, Grayson was taken to Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.  Earlier this week we spoke with Grayson;’s mother, Mariannie Cadle who gave us an update.

Mariannie Cadle: Since the 12th of July we were received at a doctors’ hospital. Grayson has been going through different OR’s, surgeries about 6 and then after that he was just going back to the OR , dressing, dressing, dressing. He is much improved since 2 weeks ago, he has been getting up , the therapies he has been getting, they let him do leg stretches, arm stretches, finger movements. On Monday he got up, he did walking, well not only since Monday but last week they have been getting him up to do his little steps. Yesterday he did a wonderful walk, he walked out into the aisle of the hospital and he came back walking but using his walker with the therapist’s assistance. He has the take is not removed from his throat as yet but he is talking because it is covered.”

We also got the opportunity to speak to Grayson who told us he is he is slowly recovering and misses home.

Grayson: It’s A roller coaster ride, one moment you’re up,  the next minute you are down. I mean you have days when your emotions get the best of you and then you have days when your motivation is just sky high.”

Ava Diaz Sosa: “What has been the most difficult thing to have to deal with all these months?”

Grayson: “Missing home is definitely the most challenging thing and being in bed all day long watching tv.”

Ava Jean De Sosa: “But we understand that you have been steadily improving.?“

Grayson: “Yes mom I have. According to the Doctor, he says I am most improved than before”.

Ava: “ Is there anything that you would like to share with those people who have been praying for you and for your recovery.”

Grayson:” First thing I would like to thank them because its not everyone that has this type of support. Second of all I really would like to extend my heartfelt feelings to everyone praying for me.”

Mariannie Cadle said for the first time since their ordeal began, Grayson was able to have pureed fruit this week.  She said there is still not a timetable for their return, however, she is thankful to all those who have supported and continue to support her family as they go through this challenging time.