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Marie Sharp to the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame

Marie Sharp, the owner of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd. has been selected to be inducted in the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2016. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct five people, all of whom have been very instrumental in the fiery foods. This year’s group is the biggest and brightest names in the industry including Marie Sharp who spoke to Love News.


I am very happy and excited, overwhelmed really because I am now seeing something coming together for all these years that I have been working. I have been doing the pepper sauce for 35 years and it is only now that I am seeing things happening for me like new markets opening. We just enlarged the factory to almost double it’s size, we put in a good investment there and now this which just overwhelmed me. The people themselves called to congratulate me and Belize. I never expected this to happen really because I’m a Belizean and I’m the only outsider as far as the people who were selected, all of them are companies from inside the US so I said to me that I would never get in because I’m a Belizean and an outsider. When they told me that I was elected I couldn’t believe it.”


What does it mean for you?”


It means that I have achieved something that very few people have achieved. It makes me feel good that for all the years that I have worked at my company, working hard for my country that I’m getting some kind of reward.”

Sharp will be officially inducted in the hall of fame on the April 23 in New York City.