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Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd joins the fight against domestic violence

Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Limited is looking to launch a new product into the local and export markets.  Her new sauce will be officially introduced on Thursday during a ceremony in Belmopan.  There is a twist to the story of this product as it actually is dedicated to the families who have and are still suffering from domestic violence.  Minister of Trade and Investment, Tracy Taegar-Panton, commended Mrs Sharp on her tenacity in the private sector.

Tracy Taegar-Panton – Minister of Trade & Investment:  “That is an initiative. It is both Marie Sharp and the US Embassy in Belize and in fact part of the process is a special product that has been developed. It has been commissioned by the US Embassy, developed by Marie Sharp. The product will be promoting the issue of domestic violence in the country. Proceeds for the sale of each bottle will be put to a Domestic Violence Prevention Fund that will be administered by US Government officials so I think it is an important partnership. It is for a very important cause and as you know Marie Sharp being one of four most entrepreneurs in this country has always given up her time and talent to very important issues such as domestic violence.”

The product launches on Valentine’s Day with the assistance and support of the US Embassy