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Marin defends donation to Faber

The Mayor of Belize, Bernard Wagner, had expressed disappointment over being excluded from receiving exercise equipment.  Wagner said that he was overlooked and the equipment went to the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber who used them to outfit the Marion Jones Stadium.  Today, Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, who was responsible for distributing the equipment explained the reason behind the distribution.

Pablo Marin – Minister of Health: “Corozal has two so you cannot say that Corozal doesn’t have. Mayor Kevin Bernard from Orange Walk I spoke to him and he is coming on Tuesday to get his one. The situation with Belize City was different because I saw that Marion Jones, the majority of people go and do a workout there so I decided to give that to the Deputy because he is in charge of sports for the people. I still am going to buy more of the equipment but when I saw his interview he really acted childish, sorry to say it because he was like a kid, that you show him a sweet, you don’t give him the sweet and then he says what happened to the sweet. Why didn’t he call me, as the Mayor of Belize and say you know what Minister what happened with my one? He did not do that, he just went to the media and tried to do something political. With Kevin Bernard on Tuesday evening, I called him so before this came out to the media I had already called him and had a chat with Kevin Bernard so you haven’t seen or heard anything from Kevin Bernard because he is coming on Tuesday to pick up his one. I will deliver another one to Belize City but at the moment I saw the need for putting at the Marion Jones instead of giving it to him.”

The initiative is a part of a wellness program undertaken by the Ministry of Health and the Mayors Association in an effort to encourage the citizens to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese Embassy provided the funds to purchase the equipment.